What People are saying....

"Louise Macregor is a wonderful compassionate lady. I was in so much pain when I first went to her, suffering with arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Louise and I both know there is no cure for these conditions but she is able to maintain my pain, and keep it under control.
I am currently in USA on a trip to see family which is something I could not have ever imagined before my time with Louise. I can thoroughly recommend her as a dedicated woman compassionate and will do all within her powers to help if you are suffering in any form ." - Merilyn Jose 19 October 2019

"Mid September 2019 I was formally diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction (VCD), also known as paroxysmal vocal fold movement (PVFM). This under-recognised anomaly occurs when the vocal cords located within the larynx remain closed during inspiration (breathing in). 
VCD/PVFM is commonly triggered for example by exercise, emotional stress, anxiety, coughing or irritants such as perfume, hair products, cleaning products, hand hygiene cleaners, vape/ecigarettes, tobacco cigarettes and petroleum based fumes. Irritants like those mentioned above triggered numerous episodes of VCD/PVFM for myself, inducing anxiety initially and resulted in several hospital admissions over a 3 month period.  

VCD/PVFM interfered with my ability to breathe, swallow and speak and contributed to anxiety, muscular tension in my shoulders, and visible neck tension, ongoing headaches and temporomandibular (jaw) discomfort. My anxiety was induced primarily from difficulty in breathing and secondly a growing  sense of frustration in obtaining minimal relief from regular speech pathology exercises and breath support techniques. My stress was compounded in not knowing when or if this "diagnosis" would resolve and with growing apprehension, what my long term prognosis would be. 

I was accustomed to living an active, healthy and fulfilling life in a fulltime professional role with goals of completing a degree. Life as I knew it suddenly became full of uncertainties and in no time my diary filled with GP and outpatient appointments. Feeling hopeless  and knowingly discharged from hospital with no feasible cure or fix I prayed for a miracle that my life would once again become normal. 

My 'normal' had become a daily occurrence of being 'triggered' without warning contributing to a bleak outlook on returning to work. As time passed - regrettably with little or no relief from speech pathology input, I returned to daily yoga, meditation and walking having exhausted avenues of researching academic literature and medical input. Enquiries into hypnotherapy resulted in a polite refusal to treat and the same with acupuncture. 

Little did I know my prayers were about to be answered in the form of biofeedback. 
A concerned family member did some web based research on my behalf and provided me with a link to Louise Macgregor a Physiokey Practitioner who specialises in biofeedback. 

I was symptomatic on walking into Louise's North Lakes clinic with audible voice change, difficulty breathing and muscle tension after being triggered the previous afternoon from fumes. Louise used the Physiokey appliance which was not painful and combined her professional, warm and welcoming approach in tranquil surrounds to induce a feeling of calm. I walked out with a return to voice strength, normal tone and pitch and feeling less tense. For 3 days I was free of symptoms. On the 4th day I visited while symptomatic and again walked out free from symptoms after Louise's gentle, kind and professional  ministrations included her use of the Physiokey therapy. I can say with confidence I am no longer triggered by irritants including hand hygiene products I use at work.

God bless and thank you Louise in creating a space to minister and restore faith, calm and healing of body, mind and spirit. Kindest regards and blessings to you dearest Louise" - Vicki 18 October 2019 

"My health story started back in January 2017, when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. Unfortunately I did not respond well to prescription medication, so I decided to try a more holistic approach to help alleviate my chronic pain and inflammation. I was truly desperate to find  some form of relief for my pain and I prayed for help. I started seeing Louise at the end of 2018 and have not looked back. Louise goes beyond the role of a Physiokey therapist, she is dedicated, kind, compassionate, and has a genuine determination to help you regain perfect health. I know my prayers have been received and answered, and I will be forever grateful to the special soul holding the “key” that has helped in my journey not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Bless you Louise" -  Noela Murray 22 September 2019

“Louise our workshop has been a hot topic amongst our team. Lots of rich, thoughtful conversations being had about how we manage our stress and how to implement your strategies. Thanks so much.” - Heather Lemon, Franchise Owner Mother Duck Daycare Centre Lawnton 7 September 2019

“Louise we were so blessed to have had you present tonight at our team meeting. Your presentation was extremely helpful and informative but what made it even better is the fact that you are the perfect person to present the material. Your kind, caring and genuine nature is something you should be so proud of. I’d highly recommend your services to anyone I know. Thanks again Louise” - Michelle Shelton, Franchise Owner Mother Duck Daycare Centre Lawnton 4 September 2019

"Louise is simply AMAZING! I had a treatment today and I have left feeling so much lighter and relaxed. She has a definite gift that makes you feel right at home. Her kind and caring nature was felt through every aspect of the treatment. Thanks Louise, see you soon at our Staff training session x" - Michelle Shelton 22 August 2019

“Dearest Louise, from all of our team at Bracken Ridge we thank you for such an uplifting and inspirational journey into deepening our understanding of self acceptance and wellbeing. Our girls loved it and said it was just what they needed.” - Gabrielle Nada Matchett, Franchise Owner Mother Duck Daycare Bracken Ridge 7 August 2019

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming out and delivering the perfect session to all our Educators. You are an amazing lady and we will definitely be sending our reference to all other Mother Duck centres.” - Megan Jervis, Franchise Owner Mother Duck Bracken Ridge  7 August 2019

"It is hard to express in words alone, how grateful I am that I came to see Louise. I have lived with anxiety since my teens. As a fellow “feeler” it can be difficult to find a person who truly understands why I think and act the way I do - someone who can help me unpack the many thoughts and feelings I have on a daily basis. And trust me, there are many! I came to Louise for physiokey treatment - I had been experiencing back pain and sciatica for 6 months, which had not been improving. She told me a little bit about herself and her journey pursuing health and wellness. I opened about about my daily struggles with stress and anxiety management. I felt safe in the presence of Lou, she had a calm and warm presence that can only be experienced to be believed. Thanks to her treatments and emotional guidance, I the most authentic “me” I have ever been. I wake up every day with a smile on my face, a heart full of love and the strength to overcome any anxiety or stress that comes my way." - Emily Murphy 6 July 2019

"I do not know how I would cope with my chronic pain without my treatments from Louise . I can highly recommend physio key for pain management . Louise is a very caring & beautiful practitioner & I would not hesitate to highly recommend her to anyone ! Not only does Louise help me physically she also is an amazing listener & is very helpful with my mental well being as well." - Patricia Trewin 3 July 2019

"I had my first physiokey treatment with Louise on Monday. I have tightness in my calves and a Baker’s cyst behind my right knee. After my treatment I immediately felt less tight in my calves, but what I’ve noticed two days later is that my Baker’s cyst appears to have completely gone! Thanks so much, Louise! Amazing!" - Christina Hindmarsh 3 July 2019

"I was in excruciating pain and hadn't slept well for several days. Had Louise treat me and what a difference. According to my fitbit .. I also had increased REM and Deep sleep that night. So much care and compassion. Someone who is genuinely invested in people's well being ... whether it be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual. Louise always goes the extra mile." - Lara Joia 1 July 2019

"I had a beautiful healing session with Louise yesterday. I booked the companionship appointment and it helped me so much mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually." - Deborah King 5 June 2019

"I highly recommend Louise Macgregor from Emmaus Health & Wellness in North Lakes. I have had Physiokey therapy for an old neck injury, which was non invasive and extremely effective & I also had the do Terra essential oil and healing blanket treatment & mentoring. The results for me have been amazing, both for relief with my neck pain and emotionally. I love her wholistic approach and feel the best I have for a years. I am so grateful I found you Louise. Thank you!' -  Bobbi McGrath 30 March 2019

"Thank you so much Louise for introducing me to Asea, I do not know where I would be without your Physiokey Therapy and drinking Asea and using Renu28. I have been in chronic pain for 2 years and have finally turned the corner. After my prayers led me to you 3 months ago I will be forever grateful to you Louise and an added bonus is you are a beautiful, genuine caring person." - Tricia Trewin 19 February 2019

"Had the most relaxing massage with Louise today. She has such a beautiful caring heart and makes it the most amazing experience.  I can highly recommend her soft touch massage." - Kylie Czislowski 21 December 2018

"I have been seeing beautiful Louise now for about 4 months. In that time she has managed to do what no Dr could do for me. I have seen pain specialist, physio, acupuncture and massage for a back problem which has been with me for years. Louise said to me to give her a chance, and time, and I could see she truly believed in what she is doing and she truly wants to make people pain free. So I can now say my pain has gone from a 9 down to a level of around 2 to zero. This woman is truly a beautiful caring soul, I now call her my friend and my lifesaver. If you are a sufferer and in pain please reach out and let this amazing woman help you." - Merilyn Jose 16 October 2018

"Louise blessed me with a relaxing and destressing Aromatouch massage and it was amazing. Thank you so much for your healing touch. I look forward to many more. The new healing garden room is lovely and spacious too." - Marie Hunter 5 October 2018

"I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to Louise Macgregor of Emmaus Health & Wellness! I have had back pain for a number of years now and have previously seen a number of practitioners with little or no improvement. Today I had a session with Louise and my back is already feeling 95% better! It’s like a miracle! I almost can’t believe how good my back feels after just one session! And she prayed over me... I’m blown away by the result. Got pain in your body or suffer from anxiety? Looking for results? See Louise McGregor @ Emmaus Health & Wellness - you’ll be glad you did!" - Deanna Moodie 12 September 2018

"Had my first session with Louise today. What a beautiful soul she is. Words can't describe what I have felt since the appointment. I think clarity and less foggy! Am already looking forward to my next session. Am excited for my light to be shining again x" - Karen Dingley 3 July 2018

"Wow! Another example of the power of Physiokey and Louise’s skill. My daughter injured her foot last Thursday, 14/6/18. GP wasn’t quite sure what she’d done to it. Referred for X-ray for possible stress fracture of left metatarsal. Meanwhile, my daughter was applying ice packs & taking painkillers. Things weren’t improving and she was struggling this week on her feet from 7.00am-4.00pm in work boots. Saw Louise on Wednesday night. Daughter was entirely pain free until noon the next day and stopped the painkillers. Her foot has healed so rapidly, it’s amazing. My daughter says, “Whatever Lou did to me with her magical powers worked”. Thanks Lou! Love your work!" - Sharon Armstrong 14 June 2018

"Louise Macgregor is amazing and really goes above and beyond! My first appointment was very individualised, thorough and relaxed. Louise explained everything in detail and provided such a personalised approach to my self healing journey. I walked away feeling relaxed and had the best nights sleep in a very long time. I really noticed lots of little changes over the last couple of days and am very excited to return for more therapy! Thank you so much Louise and I look forward to future sessions! - Jacqui Webber 13 May 2018

"I saw the wonderful Louise Macgregor from Emmaus Health and Wellness yesterday for physiokey for a really painful shoulder with limited movement. Now happy to report that the movement in my shoulder is 100% better. I slept soundly last night and now have no pain. Thank you Louise for the awesome treatments you offer and your commitment to learning new protocols to better help your patients." - Sophie Peckham 4 May 2018

"When I first encountered PhysioKey I was a little dubious, but Louise has shown me how well it works. I can truly say that I have no pain when I leave Louise. Highly recommended." - Dave Green 1 May 2018

"Louise has provided an amazing service with Physiokey therapy to complement my active lifestyle. After the suggestion from my physio to try Physiokey therapy, I find that I am now turning to Louise before others. So far Louise was able to fix an injury to my hip within only 2 treatments, cure a bad headache caused by neck pain, relieve shoulder pain, help reduce tightness and inflammation and we are still to continue working on a longer term injury in my Achilles. I would book in every week if I could afford it. Unfortunately I am not that lucky. But I do know that Louise is able to assist me when I can attend and I know if I get an injury, Louise will do everything she can to get me healed." - Teagan Williams 20 February 2018

"I have received wonderful results with Lou. With her treatment using Scenar and Physiokey she has reduced the swelling in my neck and face due to cancer lymph node dissection. Her calming and caring nature are always a pleasure. - Kate O'Sullivan 20 December 2017

"Thank you so much Louise, for the physiokey treatment on my very sore back. I woke up the next morning and was able to actually stand up straight! The improvement was dramatic. I initially booked in with Louise for physiokey treatment, for my neuropathy in my toes post chemo. As I had injured my back several days before, Louise suggested we work mainly on my back. Thank goodness she did. Thanks again Louise, you're wonderful!" - Roz Searle 16 September 2017

"Thanks to my gorgeous friend Louise for the amazing aromatouch massage this afternoon. Still feeling blissed out!" - Rachel Dool 18 August 2017

"Nearing the end of my chemotherapy, the neuropathy in my hands was so painful, I found it difficult to complete simple everyday tasks. Thanks to Louise, life is getting better everyday. The knowledge that she has passed on to me to be able to treat myself with my own device has certainly made life more bearable. An amazing lady with amazing talents. Long after my medical treatment is over, I will be visiting for regular boosts to my health." - Sharon Todd 12 August 2017

"Louise has a genuineness and warmth that makes the scenar experience so healing and rewarding. I come in stressed and walk away relaxed and uplifted. I use the whole 90 minute treatment and find it excellent value for money. - Sandy Netto 30 July 2017

"Louise + Scenar + Renu 28 = The ultimate recovery recipe! Having been through surgery, chemo & radiation, my body was struggling to right itself and before it even got a chance, post menopausal women like myself are prescribed Arimidex to prevent the breast cancer from returning. Until you settle down on that medication (3 to 6 months), it throws up it's own set of problems - mostly achy joints and fatigue. So, all in all at the age of 50, I felt there wasn't much to look forward to because I was in pain everyday and I was swollen from the radiation and so tired all the time. I have been seeing Louise now for 4 weeks. The Renu 28 has worked on my surgery site and all my swelling is gone. Louise has been using Scenar and Physiokey on the rest of my body - especially hands and knees. Before my first treatment, if I needed to bend down, kneel or sit on my haunches.......I couldn't get up again. Now.........I'm a "wanna be" Cossack dancer..........just because I can! Are you a sceptic? So was I. All I can say is, try it once. You be the judge. That's not all. When each session is over, Louise gives free hugs. They feel as good as the therapy. Louise gets it. Your wellbeing is her priority. She has the knowledge and the know how and she will explain as much or as little as you want to know. Let's face it, when you are in pain all you want is for someone to fix it. When you realise how effective the Scenar and the Renu 28 is, you find yourself wondering.......how is this possible? Go see Louise. It will be the best decision you ever made!" - Bev Holmes 14 June 2017

"I have had two sessions of scenar treatment with Louise Macgregor so far and it has been life changing. I suffer from severe lupus and fibromyalgia and thyroid disease. I also have bursitis in my shoulder and have 3 bulged discs in my back and one in my neck. My left knee is a mess. I usually suffer severely fatigue and joint and muscle pain along with a huge list of other symptoms. Life is normally a daily struggle. Louise has been an angel. Louise treated the fibro trigger points , my shoulder and knee and back. I have been in so much less pain. The next day I had next to none which never happens. The treatment has changed my life. I am so grateful for the referral Sharon Armstrong. This has changed my life in so many ways. I can't thank you ladies enough. Please don't suffer when you don't need too. Go and see Louise and let her help ease your pain. I have researched the scenar and it helps with so many conditions. Thank you so so much again Louise. I can finally have a bit of normality back again and I know the more I move forward with treatment the better its only going to get. For once I'm looking forward to my future xoxo" - Jacinta Cassells 11 June 2017

"If you want to give yourself (or someone else) a truly nurturing & restorative treatment, I can highly recommend Louise’s special 3-in-1 package. It is a 1 ½ hr combo of 3 different healing therapies. I had never experienced any of these treatments before but Louise explained what she was doing and the benefits of each so I felt completely at ease. First comes a scenar treatment using an advanced electrical biofeedback device, next Louise chooses a tailored selection of quality DoTerra oils for an aromatouch back massage and then an amazing cocoon session in an energy blanket. It addresses physical and mental tension allowing you to completely let go and relax. I was so at peace by the end of the treatment that I didn’t want to leave - I wish I could have stayed wrapped in that comforting warm cocoon all night. Louise also explained how the treatment works at a deeper level to address chronic health issues and emotional patterns, starting the unravelling process and stimulating the body to recognise the need for healing in those areas. Louise’s warm & generous nature infuses the treatment and you can feel the love that she puts into her work. A really wonderful experience." - Wendy Stevens 16 May 2017

"After a long 12 months of treatment nearing the end I was/am feeling depleted. Thankfully there are amazing people like Louise in this world to share their gift! Thank you Lou for your treatment last Saturday.... I'm feeling this has set me on the right track and I'll be back for more! I highly recommend Louise to anyone who wants that something special... she truly has a gift! Thank you Louise for being you." - Melissa Hutton 1 May 2017

"Louise takes a holistic approach to helping me manage my health issues. A combination of Scenar treatment, Aromatouch massage & the energy blanket has kickstarted my journey to wellness in a powerful way. My back feels great...my skin is improving! Louise has such a caring heart & a genuine gift for healing. She has offered suggestions to help me keep moving forward between treatments as well. Thanks Louise. You are a blessing!" - Sharon Armstrong 2 April 2017

"Today I had wonderful Scenar therapy, and a Aromatouch massage by Louise Macgregor who was so understanding making me feel very relaxed. Thanks so much and I can highly recommend her. - Jacquelyn Bergstrum 31 March 2017

"I've had a nagging sore elbow for many months after using a crowbar digging a trench. I decided to try Scenar therapy with Louise Macgregor at Emmaus Health and Wellness. Now, I have to admit I was sceptical about this treatment, but after one treatment, I have had a noticeable improvement. I would highly recommend Louise to anybody." - Ken Bergstrum 31 March 2017

"As a clinician myself I often remind my clients to take time out, nurture themselves adding “if you don’t take care of you, how will you take care of others that depend on you”. I too let time lapse considerably before I am reminded of my preaching. So I put my busy, tired mind and body in the hands of Louise Macgregor, a SCENAR Therapist at Emmaus Health and Wellness. I occasionally have low back pain (who doesn’t) which has become my norm since my three pregnancies. It is absolutely amazing that without saying anything Louise was able to locate my area of discomfort using her knowledge and experience and the SCENAR device. After about 30 mins or so I could actually feel a difference. Louise explained that as this was a long term problem of over 20 years it would need several treatments, but for any pain issues that have just happened it generally works to produce faster results. She then went on to pamper me with an Aromatouch Massage to my back using DoTerra oils to totally relax me. The final part of my trifecta was 30 minutes wrapped in an Energy Blanket. I must say I was a little sceptical of how 30 minutes wrapped in a blanket was going to do anything at all for me. So I laid there thinking about life and next thing I knew Louise was waking me up (yes, I dozed off to sleep). I felt like I was waking from an anaesthetic – so warm, cocooned, distant, like I had had the most beautiful restful sleep that I didn't want to end. It took me a few minutes to orientate myself and be able to string my words and thoughts together. What a beautiful start to my weekend. I would really recommend a consultation with Louise and look forward to my next appointment - a moment for me to "just be". Take care of you, so you can take care of those around you." - Jacqui Beutel 5 February 2017

"Thanks Louise for helping Jess out with stomach cramps. She was happy that it was non invasive and didn't take too long for the pain to subside. - Suzette Macgregor 30 January 2017