Are you looking for a guest speaker?

Are you looking for a guest speaker for your next event for your community group, Church, School or Staff Professional Development?

I have a very powerful story to tell about my journey from breast cancer to a career as a Physiokey Practitioner. When I was diagnosed with cancer my prayer was that God would use me in whatever way He needed to so that others could see Him through me. At that time I did not even know Physiokey technology existed.  I could never have imagined where He would lead me and what incredible events would happen along the way and the lives that would be impacted.

This is a story of hope, resilience, strength, obedience and determination, a story of how we can turn something bad into something good if we choose, the lessons I learned along the way, how nothing is wasted and everything that happens in life happens for a reason,  and how important it is to use our unique God given gifts to find our purpose and live a life of service and positive influence on this earth.

To find out more and discuss booking a speaking engagement please contact the clinic directly.