Life Companionship Sessions

Everything you need is within you and I can help you find it!

Did you grow up being told you’re too sensitive?

Do you feel a lot of what’s going on around you and are really good at reading people and picking up on them?

Do you hate to let anyone down and work really hard to make sure that doesn’t happen, in work, family and friendships which often causes you a lot of stress, anxiety and overwhelm?

You are one of the “feelers” of the world but at times this has been really overwhelming for you to the point that you need some alone time and sometimes wish you were “invisible” because you just can’t possibly take on any more of the energies around you.

You’ve tried so hard to please everyone your whole life long but sometimes wish you just had the courage to say “No” occasionally without worrying about how it might affect others.

Does this sound like you?

It’s right about this point that my clients ask me how I knew so much about them???

Well the reason I know you so well is because I just described myself and I know there’s so many more people out there just like me.

The difference is that I now understand all of this about me, what makes me tick, why I think like I do and so much more, and how all of this is actually a gift. 

I have learned 

- how to love and nurture myself

- how to embrace all these wonderful qualities about me 

- why they are all part of the gifts God gave me and so necessary for me to live my truest authentic life so that I can help people just like you

So if you see yourself reflected in any of what I have written:

- if you are struggling to understand who you are and why and long to just be the amazing you God made you to be and to rest comfortably with that. 

- If you want to embrace all that you are and live your life with purpose, joy and inspiration without all the stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

- If you want to make a positive difference in the world as ONLY YOU can and wake up every day looking forward to what each new day holds.

Then I know how to help you.

You see I GET you, I SEE you, I know what makes you tick, and I’ll teach you what has taken me my lifetime to learn.

I will mentor and help you to be YOUR true authentic self the way God designed you!

Come spend some time in my sanctuary with me where you will be heard, nurtured, supported and encouraged and learn how to be comfortable with who you are, that you are enough, reduce overwhelm, stress and anxiety and live every day with joy and make your positive impact on the world.

Today’s the day! If you’re ready to get started now then book a Life Companionship Session and let me help you to see just how AMAZING you are. 

Everything you need is within you and I can help you find it!

45-60mins $80.00

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