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Louise Macgregor - Physiokey Practitioner

I have a genuine passion for helping people with their health challenges in whatever way they are needing - reducing pain, managing stress and anxiety and any other health challenges - and ultimately improve their quality of life so that they can live the incredible life they were put on this earth to live. I help many people who have previously tried many other therapies and thought nothing can be done to help them. As a breast cancer survivor myself and having had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, I also have a passion for supporting women emotionally through their own cancer journey through relaxation and personal mentoring. My qualifications include Levels 1 & 2 SCENAR, Basic & Advanced Physiokey, Physiokey Sports Injury, Physiokey Women's Health, Physiokey Fascial Manipulation, Physiokey Masterclass and a Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology from Latrobe University. I am constantly increasing my skill base and am currently studying a Diploma in Counselling. I am proudly a Christian business and have a beautiful healing space here in North Lakes. 


What makes my treatment different to other therapies you've tried?

My therapy is like nothing else you've ever experienced before. Each treatment is individualised and you will be seen, heard and supported, all within a Christian perspective.  At Emmaus Health and Wellness your health and wellbeing are my priority. From your first appointment and right throughout your treatment, you will feel nurtured, comforted and truly cared for. 


Come and experience my healing sanctuary

It is my goal to help you to experience good health. Time spent in my healing sanctuary will leave you feeling replenished, rejuvenated and restored and you will want to come back again and again. This is health care like you've never experienced before. so let's get started today!